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Walk This Way – Aerosmith ★ Electric Guitar Intro Riff Lesson – Rock Guitar Instructional Tutorial

Free MP3 drums like I use at: Become a Nail Guitar VIP for secret tips and tricks l…
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bass guitar Tutorial #4 “Cool bass guitar Riffs”

Link for PDF “Cool Riffs” for any musical genre, “frase chevere” para cual…
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Metal Guitar Riffs Lesson – Guest Tutorial ‘Momentum’ by Sam Locke Click for cool guitar freebies! While your there become a Nail Guitar VIP fo…
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These are the Top 10 Guitar Riffs of the 1970′s according to 15 votes on I had a video of the top 10 music videos of the 90′s that kept g…
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Progressive Rock Guitar Riff Tutorial Lesson – Inspired By John Petrucci & Opeth Check out Sam’s music and ‘like’ him on Facebook. Click for cool guitar freebies! Be…
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4. Advanced Guitar Tutorial: Phyrgian Scale Part 1

As always! This can be played anywhere on the E string. The phyrgian scale rocks guys.
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Guitar Lesson: “Freedom at 21″ by Jack White (Track 3 from BlunderBuss) – Easy How To Tutorial

Want to master the fretboard and music theory? Read these books: Super easy and really catchy song — my personal favorite from Blunderbuss Accurate tab = http This song is made up of 3 riffs using the notes B, D, A, G, F# It then has a little solo that’s in E minor pentatonic, with Jack’s idiosyncratic tone and effects on it If anyone has any questions about how to play “Freedom at 21″ by Jack White, Let me know and I can make a follow-up vid! At end of the lesson, I go through everything real slow for total beginners — since even learning simple songs like this can be real tough when starting out Guitar Lesson: “Freedom at 21″ by Jack White (Track 3 from BlunderBuss) – Easy How To Tutorial by guitar teacher Brett Sanders (How2MakeGuitarRiffs)

Want to master the fretboard and music theory? Read these books: Tab Used **Make Sure to use the TAB provided above, which is the best one I could find for “The Cave”. Lesson breaks down the main riffs for the verse as well as the chorus. Also, explanation of how to tune for this song without Tuner at end of Video. Good luck!

3 Doors Down – Here Without You – How to Play the Intro – Guitar Lesson tutorial

free apps
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Papa Roach – Last Resort – Guitar Lesson – How to play Main Riff and Chords – Tutorial

Free Ebook when you sign my email list join my facebook group for a chance to win a strat, sg, or flying V !!!!

How to Make Up Riffs and Songs Using GarageBand (Guitar Lesson / Song Writing Tutorial)

GarageBand is an amazingly simple and powerful program. If you learn to use the looper feature, it’s really fun and easy to come up with riffs and songs. In this vid, I make up a basic idea for a song. I had no idea what I was going to play, so this is just how I do it. The song idea sort of turned out sounding a bit like something by The Smiths. This is just an initial idea, I would then build on. This process is also a lot faster when you’re not thinking or explaining and get into a flow:) Lessons covers: – Choosing a rhythm track – Setting up the LOOPER – Choosing Effects – Tweaking Effects – Using the Monitor – Laying down basic rhythm track – Coming up with first riff – Trimming / Slicing tracks – Layering tracks – Leaving space for additional parts – Adding a bass part – Lowering the pitch for a “fake” bass part – Sharing / Exporting to iTunes If anyone has any questions about this lesson or wants to see more demonstrations of how to make up riffs using GarageBand, just let me know! I make up songs all the time using this sort of strategy and it’s very productive and fun:)
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Phir Mohabbat Guitar Chords Tutorial + Tips (Murder 2) Phir Mohabbat Guitar Lesson for Beginners. Questions are welcome. I will try my best to respond to all queries in the comment section below or on my Facebook Page.
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