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Is Reading Music a Necessary Skill?

Spot Light Tommaso Zillio is a professional teacher, guitarist, and composer, and is your go-to guy for any and all  music theory related questions. This gentleman is highly recomended by cool-guitars.com and hopefully will continue to grace our pages. Please feel free to check out his websites for any help,he will help in any way possible. Tommaso Zillio, Professional Guitarist… Read more →

Interpreting The Videos

Hi there again! Been getting alota mails from players and questions are all over the place this week! I’ll try get a few outa the way. To the problem with Justin playing over what he is saying…watch his left hand as closely as possible and try to follow the TAB but just remember, all of these lessons and songs are… Read more →

Blues guitar rhythm lesson slow and fast 12 bar chord changes instant music

www.nextlevelguitar.com click for a brand new Video Lesson & Ebook for free Video Rating: 4 / 5 Learn about syncopation as you learn how to fingerpick the blues on the guitar, from a professional guitar player in this free video music lesson. Expert: Amanda Claire Bio: Amanda Claire is a leather artist currently living in Austin, Texas, where she specializes… Read more →

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