50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know – #49 – Aleister

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More free guitar lessons: bit.ly Randy Rhodes left this world all too early, but not before setting the world on fire with the Oz-man in the early 80’s. From his archaic shaped Flying-V style Jacksons to his polka dot decor, Randy was an original through and through. This next lick delves into the concept of repetition as heard in Randy’s explosive entrance into his first solo on the Blizzard of Oz track, “Mr. Crowley” where he deflty lays down the lick of licks four times over before burning down the Dm pentatonic in 16th note triplets. The tension built by repeating that first lick is then released by the flurry that follows–listen and learn!
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50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know – Lick #45: What Was That? – Jeff McErlain

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More blues guitar lessons: bit.ly On Twitter – www.twitter.com On Faceboook – www.truefire.com One great way to give a tired lick a new lease on life is to swing the whammy bar around and use it to push notes into a pull-off. Everyone from the usual suspects (Satch, Vai, Eddie) to the not-so-usual (Bumblefoot, David Fiuczynski, Vernon Reid) have pushed and pulled their way through to some very cool sounding licks courtesy of this approach. Once mastered, you’ll quickly see how this idea will easily turn heads when executed correctly.
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50 Rock Guitar Licks You MUST Know!

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More guitar lessons: bit.ly On Twitter – www.twitter.com On Faceboook – www.truefire.com Top educator and avant-jazz/rock guitarist Chris Buono presents his hand-picked collection of 50 rock guitar licks you MUST know. Buonos handpicked range of phrases, concepts and techniques takes you across a wide variety of contemporary rock styles to help guide your development of the tools, techniques and vocabulary that youll need to unleash powerful solos and take your rock guitar playing to the next level. Youll learn note targeting, intervallic lines, sweep picking, whammy-bar techniques, effective movement from one position to another, controlling pinch harmonics and how to artfully move between major and minor tonalities when soloing. Chris will clue you in on the secrets of playing effectively in the upper registers along with other insider tips like three-note per string concepts and tremolo picking. You will learn open position riffs, when to rely on repetition, hybrid picking and how to spruce up solos with double stops. Chris also covers style-specific riffs that cover rockabilly, Southern rock and jam band feels, as well as how to incorporate exotic scales into your guitar vocabulary. Buono breaks down all of these advanced concepts into versatile, easy-to-apply licks that you can use in almost any rock setting. Mastering 50 Rock Licks You MUST Know will give you the skills and confidence to tear it up within any rock style

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