4 months playing guitar, Noob Blues for your pleasure.

Thanks to 331erock and Cole Rolland for inspiring me to play the guitar(Be sure to check them out), you leave behind what you inspire in other people!! Also, special thanks to Mark my coach. This is just a sweet blues track I came accross, its cool. Check it out – Blues Jam Track in A. All improv. Here is my weekly upload, I am going to throw up one a week as a means of tracking my progress. I learn a lot from watching myself play and I take notes as to what I want to add for my next video, if anyone has any ideas to throw at me or wants to join my journey on Guitar leave me some comments. Thanks and All the best, Ryan I started playing on March 15th, 2012. I have a Guitar – Premium Ibanez RG870 Qmz, amp – mustang 1 by Fender, BOSS SD-1 and BOSS GE-7. I promise everyone I will learn to be the guitar player it deserves 🙂
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