Picking Technique Tips

Lead rock guitar lesson solo connect arpeggios to scales and licks triads octaves


Metal Guitar Lesson Arpeggios


Just to clear up a few things about these videos.

Firstly I would like to thank the many people who have emailed me for watching and I would just like to help with a couple of small pointers the videos didn’t explain.

In the  videos  I would just like to add that you should watch closely your picking technique. By this I mean remember to play the arps very slowly and precisely so that you can hear each and every note distinctly without overtones or any mushy sound, please do not just drag the pick across the strings. The main reason I say this is because over the years I have gotten allot of students who watch these videos and come to me with some of the poorest picking  technique I have ever seen!

Your alternate picking should also be very closely scrutinized while you play.

An excellent idea is to record yourself, audio or even video ( webcams are great for this! )  then listen back and try to be as critical as possible in a constructive way. As you listen/watch  yourself  take notes on where you think you should need improvement. No picking like a thrash metal soloist ala Kerry King and if you can play like him,  throw me some pointers cause I love his riffs! But seriously – no picking like your having a fit !

Watch closely your fingering position and recovery. By this I mean keep your fingers all in front of the fretboard so they are always ready to go..not curled up and out of control…the main idea here again is ….control of those fingers..lol

The other thing is watch your right hand or if your a lefty, watch your left hand – watch your picking hand for the very important dampening technique position on the face of the strings. This can be very hard to do especially for those of you using amplifiers and it gets worse the louder  you play. So if you want to play lightning fast at high volume…get to practicing! lol

Last but not least – have fun! Till next time….c ya l8tr!