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5 Easy Blues Licks in C Major Pentatonic – Guitar lesson

In this lesson Rod shows you 5 easy blues guitar licks in C major. Visit for more lessons.

I was pretty bored in my dorm room and decided to record this cool riff i had just come up with. let me know what you think PRS Tremonti.

Am and C Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale licks and riffs

using the major pentatonic scale to produce lively fill licks, which can also be used in your improv solos. These examples were inspired by Alabama’s Take Me…
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In this week’s guitar lesson, Jeff Neill from Streetheart teaches us how to play the guitar riff for Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. Hope you enjoy it! Tell us wha…
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5 Positions Of The Major Pentatonic Scale On Guitar A guitar lesson showing you how to play the 5 positions of the Major Pentatonic scale. Please click on the link above to visit my site where you can download and print a FREE good quality resource sheet to accompany this lesson.
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Free Guitar Lesson – G major scale (E aeolian mode) Sixth Position G major scale in sixth position mode name aeolian or natural minor posted by James Rundle of south shields rock licks guitar tuition
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Blues Guitar Soloing Lesson – Adding the major 3rd to your blues scale – marty Schwartz

these concepts are at


Guitar Scales Lesson – The 5 Positions of the Major Pentatonic Scale click “like” on facebook http

Guitar lesson learn scales in 3rds pentatonics and major Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from In this lesson learn how to play scales in 3rds for a killer sound and cool riffs. Demonstrated here with minor pentatonic scale and the major scale
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Steve talks about his gear and the evolution of his sound at Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. The audience included 10 courageous and talented guitarists who entered the Guitar Center Private Sessions contest. Each winner was hand-picked by Steve.