Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guitar Medley

MP3: www.mediafire.com Collection of all my N64 Medleys: www.mediafire.com Oh, come on. You knew this one was coming. 🙂 So, funny story about making this one. From the audio going corrupt twice on me and half the video files becoming uncooperative and having me do those parts all over again, This is about two days of work as opposed to a week like I normally have. As I’m sure most of you know the pain of just about finishing a project and losing all of, I somehow refrained from rage quiting and just worked extra hard to get this one to you today. The slide guitar was literally recorded this morning, last minute. For the most part I’m happy with it but I wish I could have spent more time on the tones and precision. Still, the songs are classic and I hope you think I did a decent job putting this one together. I appreciate all the support so far! Ratings and comments greatly appreciated! Song of Time Tutorial: www.youtube.com Gerudo Valley Tutorial: www.youtube.com Songs 0:00 Temple of Time (Song of Time) 0:50 Goron City 1:23 Kakariko Village 2:54 Windmill Hut (Song of Storms) 3:42 Lon Lon Ranch (Epona’s Song) 4:27 Gerudo Valley Arranged and Performed by: FamilyJules7X Composed by: Koji KondoElectric Guitar: Schecter Damien FR Acoustic Guitar: Fender T-Bucket 300 CE Bass Guitar: Rogue LX200B Drums: Toontrack EzDrummer (Strings synthesized with Mixcraft) Interface: Pod X3 Mixer: Yamaha MG102c Audio Software: Mixcraft 5 Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro Video Camera: iPhone 4
Video Rating: 4 / 5