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To Shred Or Not To Shred…..

After reading a post on another site, I thought about all the time I spent doing ALL the same exercises , scales , etc and then years later discovered that “LESS IS MORE”. Let me explain…for years I played Hendrix , Malmsteen, Vai and so forth until I hit an impasse, where nothing improved. Then I saw on You tube, JOE PASS…. There was the answer all along…as you play for so long you become ingrained in your “training”. You become like an athlete instead of an artist. We are making music , art not going for the Olympic gold medal in who can fit the most notes into a millisecond. Sure its still cool to shred but I watched so many on YouTube that cant put a song together to save their lives…I cant even remember their names! Going back to listening for quality instead of shear quantity turned me back on to listening for “the sweet notes” instead of machine gun sounding solos without a point…
Improvements only come/ came after inspiration not challenge to GO FASTER….