Easy Guitar Riffs Lady Marmalade Pentatonic Scale

GUITAR TAB Get free tab for this song excerpt when you sign up for a preview of the book Fretboard Theory at: guitar-music-theory.com SONGS This song demonstrates some of the licks, phrases and styles that can be played with the pentatonic scale. This footage is ONLY available online. DVD To learn about scale patterns, technique and theory, see the DVD video program entitled GETTING STARTED WITH THE PENTATONIC SCALE. Learn about: • Five pentatonic scale patterns • Major, minor and blues tonalities • Hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and bends • Alternate picking • Playing over chords and progressions Go directly to guitar-music-theory.com to sign up for a FREE DVD preview. Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed! Mr. Desi Serna (Google me!) www.Guitar-Music-Theory.com Scales, Chords, Progressions, and More
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The band includes: Trey Anastasio – guitar Peter Apfelbaum – Baritone Saxophone, percussion Cyro Baptista – percussion Dave Grippo – Alto Saxophone Jen Hartswick – trumpet, tuba, vocals Russ Lawton – drums Tony Markellis – bass Andy Moroz – Trombone Ray Paczkowski – keyboards Russell Remington – Tenor Saxophone, flute For more information about Cyro Baptista: www.cyrobaptista.com http