Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro

this guy is a god on a ukulele
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released this song as part of my debut EP! –Lyricos– (as I wrote them anyway!) Alarm clock greets me like a kick to the head stare at the ceiling cant get outa this bed I cant feel my breakfast, my tongue lost its taste Another insignificant day gone to waste But I could make a change for the better today The worlds in my hand I can mould it my way CHORUS Nothing to gain, next to nothing to lose Mornings a hit and the day is the bruise If I wake up tomorrow with a smile on my face Its cause Ive finally accepted this world that I have to embrace Days full of drama, of laughs and of cries Things can get tough when youre fighting a war from both sides So take off your helmet, and put down your gun Take a step back, take time out have some fun But you could make a change for the better today The worlds in your hands you can mould it your way (chorus) Livin in a war zone, battered and confused Things can get tough can get tough when your bruised, bruised, bruised. (chorus) Hope you guys are braving the cold better than I am. Brrr. God if youre reading this please turn up the heat in Ireland. Thanks luv yaaa
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Black Veil Brides: “New Religion” lesson by: Jake Pitts

Black Veil Brides – New Religion (Tuning – Drop C#) Jake Pitts shows you how to play “New Religion” off of the new record “Set the world on fire” Parts are played fast, then broken down slower.

A simple exercise to help your speed and accuracy. Check out or look up Anthony August on Facebook for more info about lessons and other guitarTips, Hints and Pointers!!
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