Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues

Guitar tuning: DGDGBD Tab: Its quite possibly the finest acoustic version he ever recorded. The lush sea saw rhythmic echoes of the guitar coupled with the gritty yet over powering bellow of his voice as it comes and goes, sums up to a great combination of experience , timing and deep emotion which leads to inevitable perfection. Even with the obvious chord mishap towards the bridge of the song, it rings true and pure. Full of what really makes a great performance of an given song! Video Info: The Allman Brothers Band: Brothers of the Road (1985)

Song “Nights in White Satin” cover by David Lanz. Song can be found on the album of David Lanz : Skyline Firedance 2CDs (Solo Works & Orchestral Works) (1990) Song Composer: Justin Hayward (Moody Blues). Arrangement: David Lanz (Piano & Main Performer), James Reynolds (Synthesizer), Paul Speer (Guitar), Don Davis (Arranger & Conductor), Steven Ray Allen (Bass), Brad Allison (Trumpet), Tony Hinniga, Mike Taylor (Flute), Brad Allison (piccolo trumpet), Nancy Rumbel (cheng), IFS Philharmonic Orchestra (Multi Instruments) Albums can be found here: The piano books and sheets: Books: Sheets: David Lanz: “For more than 20 years, I have nurtured the dream of performing and recording my music with a symphony orchestra – to fill my music with the grandeur, power and richness of detail that only an orchestra can create. With the music of SKYLINE FIREDANCE, this dream is at last fulfilled, and it represents one of my most satisfying moments as a musician and a composer.” Listen to samples from the album here: Pictures from: (selections) A little curiosity: It seems that the song likes number 7 … I posted this video on day 7, month 7, has 7 mins, 17 seconds, and it’s the 7th song on the album. And right now editing here, it has 7 comments
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