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Learn To Play Guitar – What Is A Great Guitar Riff To Inspire Beginners Learning Guitar Learn To Play Guitar. Welcome to another guitar tip from Crash Course Muso. We’ve taken the most frequently…

6 Great Rock Guitar Riffs 1960’s

I’m playing six great rock guitar riffs from the 1960’s. I hope you enjoy them. 1. The Rolling Stones: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 0:04 2. Led Zeppelin: He…
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2 Great Guitar Blues Licks – Free Lesson from Dolphinstreet Here’s a lesson for 2 short blues guitar licks. These work great over a slow blues. This example is played in the key of E. Full…
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100 great guitar riffs lesson 1-10(in my opinion)

guitar riffs lesson 1- 10
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All the air guitar scenes from Bill & Teds Excellent adventure and Bogus Journey.