“Blues Run The Game” – Bert Jansch – One-Take

Scottish folk hero Bert Jansch displays his evocative acoustic guitar skills and vocal grace on Jackson C. Frank`s “Blues Run The Game” for Dusty Wright’s One-Takes. One-Takes are a series of songs by artists you know, should know, or will know very soon. Here’s my interview with Bert: youtu.be

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡ The Beatles ☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡ Produced by George Martin Engineered by Geoff Emerick ☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡ Each of four original master tracks is isolated and shown in a different colour.* (1) GREEN ______ 0:00 Drums, 2 guitars, and bass (2) BLUE ______ 2:24 Horns and punched-in lead guitar (3) RED ______________ 4:40 Vocals (4) YELLOW* Audience sounds With (1), (2), and (3)*____ 6:54 ☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡☮♡ The following Information is from the books “The Beatles Recording Sessions” by Mark Lewisohn; and “Recording the Beatles” by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan. This song was recorded in February 1967, using TWO 4-track machines. After recording tracks onto the first tape machine, the recording was then mixed onto the 2nd tape machine. This technique was called “bouncing”. It referred to the use of a second tape machine to combine tracks from the first machine. This freed up one or more tracks to add additional instruments. In those days, this technique was used to overcome a limitation of 4-track recording equipment. Nowadays, modern multi-track and digital recording studios make such efforts unnecessary. .************************************* 2nd Tape Machine : This “bounce” tape is what we are hearing. Track 1 .. [ GREEN 0:00 ] From (A), Tracks 1+2 (drums

Game of Thrones theme acoustic guitar

Guitar lessons and resources here: csm.infusionsoft.com I’m moving to: www.youtube.com TABS AT: www.sendspace.com by www.youtube.com Hi guys. I just wanted to record this tune with my acoustic guitar because I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones. Remember I’m not an acoustic guitar player, but at least I’m trying haha! Have a great week and thanks for everything my friends, keep on rocking! Here’s my metal version of it: www.youtube.com Charlie Parra del Riego playing his acoustic version of Game of Thrones theme, composed by Ramin Djawadi. All the music on itunes 🙂 itunes.apple.com itunes.apple.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Hand signed CD’S with random drawings at charlieparradelriego.com This MP3 for free at: charlieparradelriego.com
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