Other Picking Methods and Styles

Hi there again!
This week I’ll be looking at picking technique.
Allot of the viewers have been asking in emails etc about how the various teachers get their sound. The main hand that people have been watching is the fretting hand, that is the hand doing what appears to be all the work.
The fact of the matter is the main hand is the one actually producing the sound by plucking the strings.This is a very important factor as allot of the questions arise from people not realizing the different way the teachers/ people in the videos have been actually playing.
To begin with you should be practicing picking technique with a pick if that’s your style, pick down in rhythm making sure every note you play is distinct and is heard clearly. First slowly, then play the scale or riff etc faster but DO NOT continue playing until you can get a clear and precise sound – then do it with alternate picking , up and down, again you must really watch what and how you are playing. This is the only way your technique will improve and you will move forward as a guitar player not a string smasher..lol
The picking described above is for general blues, rock, metal styles, special attention must be payed to the scales/ alternate picking/ sweep picking – in metal styles where the speed picking in solos in the styles of Malsmsteen, Batio and the other neo-classical type shredders ( I know I missed allot of em , but theres just too many now..lol)
Another of the more popular but very miss-read picking is the “chicken pickin” style. In the George Thorogood video he keeps on about using a “thumb pick ” and his other fingers in a “claw” style. This gives you the opportunity to play the bass notes behind melody as in blues style of the older masters he talks about. Go back and watch some of these and really watch their “PICKING HAND”, not their fretting hand because that’s where most of the work ( picking) is being produced. Some players use the same style but don’t use a thumb pick, the thumb pick just helps to make the bass line in the playing more predominant…meaning you can hear it better with a thumb pick.
Note how Thorogood rests his pinky and sometimes ring finger of his right hand on the bottom of the bridge pickup. This gives him a solid anchor for his hand to play a heavier sound.
If you are going into a classical guitar style – this is not the way to play!
Classical guitarists stay up and off the face of the guitar and use the nails. Their technique is allot more precise and requires you to keep you hand free over the strings not with a heavy upon the strings attack motion.
And of course thanx for watchin and coming over to our site! Have fun and good luck, till next time c yas!