As I Lay Dying – The Sound of Truth (guitar cover)

I was first introduced to this song by some guy talking trash about the simplicity of the songs Ive been covering. It turns out that I really like this song (and the band), so I decided to do my own version! The song is not terribly difficult, but there are some tricky parts. There is a very fast pull-off run in the chorus that I find tough to get clean, and other parts require very steady fast alternate picking, which is one of my weaknesses. Also, there is quite a bit of finger tapping in the song, so I had to break my bad habit of tapping with my index finger. After several painful days of tapping with my middle finger, I finally developed a callus! The solo involves a sweep tap, which is a technique I had never attempted before learning this song. Its a bit sloppy in places, but I’m tired of practicing the song over and over again (and so is my wife!), so here it is! I transcribed it by ear, and my Guitar Pro file is now available on my website (see link below). If you don’t have Guitar Pro, please read the information about TuxGuitar on my website. The tuning is DROP D. Most songs on the album “An Ocean Between Us” are in drop C, but NOT THIS ONE. As usual I am recording directly to my computer using my relatively new Line 6 POD X3. I created a custom dual tone trying to get close to AILDs sound on this song. Its a blend of the Line 6 Modern High Gain (Soldano X88R) and the Treadplate 2001 (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier). I will put the tone file on my website shortly