“Astronomy Domine” live, very,very rare!

This is a video of Pink Floyd performing one of the very 1st songs that rocketed them into fame. No David Gilmore in this video. It is a performance in the late 1960’s, when Syd Barrett was still the defining force of the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd. Syd was later replaced by David Gilmore, who’s guitar stylings changed Pink Floyd’s sound for ever. Definitely not a bad thing. This is very rare and very old and is a perfect example of Pink Floyd’s sound before David Gilmore. This video is my tribute to the late, great, Syd Barrett. May you rest in peace and be surrounded by music, which is what you loved best in life. Those who are true Pink Floyd fans know that, even though you left the band early (do to circumstances beyond your control), you were and always will be a STAR member of Pink Floyd! c.1967 protected