Top 10 Dimebag Darrell Guitar Riffs

Here’s my Top 10 Dimebag Darrell’s best guitar riffs. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was the lead guitarist of Pantera and Damageplan. He died on stage while playing…
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Original Tabs @ Blues Riff by BJ Cunningham – an electric guitar rock instrumental. Genre: Blues,…
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GUITARS TUNED DOWN ONE WHOLE STEP – Low to high DGCFAD NOTE: To play along with the recording, tune down an additional quarter step. VIDEO + TRANSCRIPTION IS IN GUITAR WORLD APRIL 2007
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Downloadthis episode’s Video, mp3, pdf and Guitar Pro TAB here or all 6 episodes in one batch here By popular demand – A series of slap bass lessons covering the basic techniques plus some general playing tips This lesson will continue with the concepts from lesson 3 and cover the right hand pluck/pop in addition to basic thumb slap, left hand slap and hammerons.

Dimebag Squealing Lesson

Dimebag Squealing Lesson Click thelink above to receive free exclusive videos, newsletters, jam tracks, and lots more free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this video guitar lesson Jeff Ross teaches a fun and easy beginner lesson on country rhythms in the style of Hank Williams. Jeff is a world class guitarist who has played all over the world and played and recorded with John Jorgenson, Rank and File, Rosie Flores, Bellamy Bros., Kelley Willis, Dessert Rose Band, Hellecasters, William Clarke, Candye Kane, Asylum Street Spankers, James Harman, Club Django, Billy Watson, Camp Lazlo (Nickelodeon), Gypsy Groove and more! Many more full on video lessons as well as a FREE 3-day all access site pass at the full on video instructional website at:
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