Guitar Lesson: Guns N’ Roses ‘Live And Let Die’ — Part One — Verse One (TG214)

GN’R showed the world how to play a cover when Slash and co amped up Paul McCartney and Wings’ original with a van load of Marshalls. Pick up Total Guitar issue 214 (on sale 15 April – 12 May 2011) for a backing track and a guide to nailing the guitar tones from the song. In addition to at least three full tabs of classic and contemporary songs from your favourite artists, every issue of TG features three full-song Video Lessons and a Riff Of The Month for the more visually orientated learners among you. The Video Lessons are hosted online through but you’ll need to buy the mag to get the most out of them. Each issue includes the story behind the songs, clearly explained amp and effects settings and backing tracks for all of our Video Lessons and tabs. Composed by Paul James McCartney, Linda Louise McCartney Tutor: James Uings Audio: Phil Capone Videographer: Martin Holmes
Video Rating: 5 / 5