How To Play Blues Guitar – Doc Watson – Deep River Blues

How to play blues guitar – Preview Jim’s Complete Course ‘How To Play Ragtime and Acoustic Blues Guitar’ Click here to download a free guitar lesson video http The full range of lessons available show how to play blues guitar in various styles, such as delta blues (Robert Johnson), Texas blues (Lightnin’ Hopkins), Chicago swing blues (Big Bill Broonzy), ragtime blues (Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Willie Walker) , Carolina blues (Floyd Council, Pink Anderson, Scrapper Blackwell), bottleneck and open tunings. There are two videos for Doc Watson Guitar Lessons on this channel – this video is the first part of an on-line video lesson and gives an insight into his complex finger picking style. There are many Doc Watson tabs on the internet. It’s true that basic finger picking is very simple – you either hit one string with thumb and the next one with a finger, or pinch two or three strings together with thumb and finger(s)! Of course, it’s how we use our thumb and fingers that make all the difference. I’ve noticed that many, many older school guitar masters just used one finger on their right hand – Doc Watson, Reverend Gary Davis, Scrapper Blackwell, Blind Boy Fuller, Floyd Council, Big Bill Broonzy, and the list goes on. Often, the right thumb jumps across to the treble strings to help out, which adds to the syncopation. It becomes more and more evident that the right thumb is crucial to creating the sound. It can double the beat, make an off-beat