How to play Creep by Radiohead – guitar lesson / tutorial

At the request of Blanche, a vid on how to play Creep. I am not saying that the picking part is absolutely correct but you will get the idea. I wouldn’t get too worried out playing every single note correctly. It will still sound fine as long as you use the right chords. This is why I have not gone through the picking part note by note. However, the tab below should help. Good luck. Radiohead Creep The chords G, B, C, Cmin E|–3–7–8—8——–| B|–3–7–8—8——–| G|–4–8–9—8——–| D|–5–9–10–10——-| A|–5–9–10–10——-| E|–3–7–8—8——–| GBC Cmin The notes (or something like them!) E|————————————| B|——————-3———–3——| G|————4————4————| D|——5—5—5——5—–5———-| A|—-5—5——-5——5—–5——–| E|-3——————————-3s7–| E|————————————-| B|————————————-| G|——8—–8—–9——8—–8—–| D|——–9—–9——————-9—| A|—-9—–9—–9—9——9———| E|-s7——————–7—–7——-| Then repeat but up one fret (no slide at the end) e|——————————————-| B|——————————————-| G|——9——-9——-10——-9——-9—-| D|——–10——10———————–10-| A|—10——10——10—–10—–10———| E|-8————————–8——8——| This is the same as the previous one but