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Don Was – Cowboy Jack Clement – “Just A Girl I Used To Know”

MORE: Jack Clement has written and produced classic songs for artists like Johnny Cash, Billy Lee Riley, Charlie Pride, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and U2. The Old Crow Medicine Show are popular young upstarts of American Roots Music. For this exclusive collaboration, they perform a hit song that Cowboy originally wrote for George Jones in the 1960s…. ACK CLEMENT vocal and acoustic guitar KETCH SECOR fiddle and vocals WILLIE WATSON acoustic guitar and vocals MORGAN JAHNIG bass KEVIN HAYES guit-jo GILL LANDRY dobro PRODUCED BY DON WAS Mixed by KRISH SHARMA at HENSON STUDIOS, LA Video Shot by Brad Belanger Kip Kubin Edited by GEMMA CORFIELD
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Johnny Marr describes his guitar playing with The Smiths. “I wanted to sound like an entire record when I played.” He plays his Rickenbacker. “Yeah, it’s all kinda of ringy and melodic, and…. There’s a lot of emotion in there, I think. So I …I play that way cause that’s how I feel.” This is a new condensed edit of a “blocked” vid taken from part three of “The Story Of The Guitar.”
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