Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson open chords & chord changing Click link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from In this lesson we teach beginners all about open chords and tips on changing chords made easy and getting these chords comfortable – you can do it! Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at:

Link to my Jazz guitar lesson site: Instead of scoring this transcription of Autumn Leaves from Joe Pass’ album “Unforgettable”, I started this series of videos which will attempt to show you step by step how to play this piece and also explain some of the theory behind what Joe Pass is doing. To the best of my knowledge I have correctly transcribed the piece, but I am not 100% sure, but that is not the point of these videos anyway; they are mostly intended to give a look at how a master like Pass would approach such an arrangement.
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