The Gambler – Kenny Rogers (Easy Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-106)

This super very easy version of Kenny Roger’s The Gambler is a Stage 1 beginner song and only used A, D and E chords! It’s not exactly like the record, but it works and it’s lots of fun to play for you country fans! The Justin Guitar Beginners Songbook contains 100 songs specifically structured for beginners and there are 10 songs for each stage of the Beginners Course. See the web site for the beginner lessons and more info including full song list, sample songs and order details. You can also order the book from your local music store! Nearly 500 lessons on the site now, and none of that sample rubbish and you don’t even have to give me your email if you don’t want!! Hope you dig and thanks for watching. Please favourite and tell your friends if you like it. .
Video Rating: 4 / 5