Rachel Zamstein – Fell In Love With A Boy (BEST AUDITION? – Review) – America’s Got Talent 6/28/11

America’s Got Talent Review – Season 6, Episode 7, June 28th, 2011. (6/28/11) (NEW YORK AUDITIONS EPISODE – continuation of NY auditions) This is my show REVIEW, with no copyrighted footage included. However, most of the performances are linked further down in this description. SHOW BREAKDOWN: Rak and Tak: The husband and wife singing duo received immediate boos for their terrible rendition of Heart’s ‘Alone’. Very terrible to watch. (AXED) Smage Brothers Riding Show: The BMX-riding trio of brothers impress with their dangerous stunts, which include flips and jumps over one of the men. Leonid The Magnificent: The 37-year-old singer and performance artist has auditioned unsuccessfully twice in the past. This time, his performance consists of several fast-paced costume changes and flamboyant dancing. (VEGAS) Rachel Zamstein: The 26-year-old singer’s unique voice and guitar playing goes over well with everyone. She has had some drug problems in the past, but has reformed her life because of music. To the best of my knowledge, she covered “Fell In Love With A Boy” by the White Stripes. Contagious personality, I love her! (VEGAS) Sam B: The 32-year-old dancer is not a professional by any stretch, but manages to capture the audience’s love with his mad personality and outrageous moves. He’s a very crazy guy, but easy to enjoy. (VEGAS) Other acts to make it through to Vegas include 19-year-old singer/songwriter Dylan Andre, limbo artist Shemika Charles and performer Narcissister
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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