Tab Benoit –Shelter Me (Very best version) Sons of guns intro song.

I have created a TAB for this song to the best of my abilities. Guitar setup posted below. It is located at . Recorded at The Melting Point in Athens, GA. 12-01-2010 With permission. Lyrics can be found at This song is on the “Power of the Pontchartrain”. It is the 3rd track and labeled “Title Track”. I have this from Amazon and that is the way they have it labeled. Don’t ask me why. Has to be an error in the way they entered it. I recieved the following from Tab’s guitar tech. Hey, I just came accross this post for “Shelter Me”. I was Tab’s road manager and guitar tech for about two years… I tuned all his giutars standard (440 hz), always with GHS 11’s (custom gauge with a heavier big E string), and his guitar always went straight into a Super Reverb and a Music Man 2 x 12″… Later, a Twin Reverb was used instead of the Music Man amp. This was before he got the Category 5 signature amps. The 70’s silverface Super Reverb was his main amp, and my favorite tone (vol anywhere from 4 – 9 depending on the venue, treb 7 – 9, mid 6 – 8, bass 3 – 4, reverb 2 – 4)… The settings vary from gig to gig. The other amps were always added just for a little extra power and low end, again depending on the size of the stage and show. I’ve seen him use just the Super at “Stevie Rays” in Louisville, KY, and at the end of the night the volume was almost on 4. It was a smaller club, but he had the same sound still. We did a few casinos, and he