Bass Improvisation: Groovin’ Riffs & Licks How to play bass riffs and Licks Learn some basic techniques to successfully improvise over an established groove. This is a p…
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In this week’s guitar lesson, Hatch teaches us how to play the guitar riff for ZZ Top’s “La Grange”. Hope you enjoy it! Tell us what you think in the comment…
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4 minutes of bass riffs :)

Album out October 1! All originals! 🙂 Sometimes playing the same bass riff thr…
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Some of my favourite modern rock bassguitar riffs. Mostly from the 00’s and are british bands. I’ve put in some very famous riffs and some that are too under…
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Gospel Bass Lesson @ featuring Justin Raines – Bass Solo Exclusive bass lesson featuring veteran bassist, Justin Raines. Justin Raines is currently accepting new bass students in the Boston/New England area. For more info, contact or visit BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 2 COMING SOON!!! FOLLOW GOSPELCHOPS ON TWITTER!! @Gospel_Chops — Buy GospelChops DVD’s at http
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Free Beginner Slap Bass Video Lesson will get you a complete 12-part video course of slap bass lessons for just .95 USD. This slap bass lesson is both for absolute beginner slap bass players and those who require some reviewing of their rudiments. You can subscribe to a complete course of “regular” progressive online bass guitar lessons at where you get two lessons per week delivered to your inbox.
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Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1978: The Saints’ promo-video for the classic ‘Know Your Product’ (February, 1978), taken from the 1978 album ‘Eternally Yours’. Band Origin: Brisbane, QLD, Australia Track: Know Your Product Album: Eternally Yours Composed By: Ed Kuepper – Chris Bailey Produced By: Label: EMI Chart Position: Release Date: February, 1978 Links: – – – Line-up: Chris Bailey — Vocals [ Kid Galahad and the Eternals (1973-1975) — The Saints (1975-present) — solo (early nineties) ] Ed Kuepper — Guitar [ Kid Galahad & The Eternals — The Saints (1977-1978) — The Laughing Clowns (1979-1985) — solo artist (1985-present) — The Aints (1991) ] Ivor Hay — Drums Alisdair ‘Algy’ Ward — Bass [ The Saints (1977-1978) — The Damned (1978-1979) ] ——————————— NZOZ NZOZ1978 1978 Australia Late Seventies 1970’s 1970s 70’s 70s External Tags: Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper Extended Tags: Punk, Old School Punk, Rock, Aussie, Old Australian Band

Learn ten easy bass guitar rock riffs

Ten classic bass riffs played slow with tab. Mostly easy. Would suit a beginner. 01 No More Tears – Ozzy 02 How Many More Times – Led Zep 03 Love Buzz – Nirvana 04 Under Pressure – Bowie & Queen 05 Bullet In The Head – RATM 06 Dazed & Confused – Led Zep 07 Stay Away – Nirvana 08 Rocket Queen – GnR 09 Fools Gold – Stone Roses 10 Lounge Act – Nirvana Enjoy the video. Comments welcome. FYI – Under Pressure is in a different key to the recording so just transpose it. Fools Gold is actually the guitar line not bass line, but I like it anyway. Follow the corrected tab for Dazed & Confused (not my fingers). Thanks to those who pointed these things out.

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