Paul Gilbert Alternate Picking Lesson

From the instructional DVD Get Out Of My Yard.
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This is number 15 in a series entitled “But Wait,Theres More” played and instructed by professional guitar instructor “Mike Gross”..In no particular order,the 15th “riff” is “Beat And The Harlot.” by “Avenged Sevenfold”{Synyster Gates/Zacky Vengeance}…The 2 part intro is explained in this detailed lesson..A must watch for you “ROCKERS”…Please subscribe-comment-like-and leave any questions you have pertaining to this instructional guitar lesson on the “comment” section on this page…Enjoy…Mike Gross …THIS IS MY NEW HD GUITAR LESSON CHANNEL YOUTUBEDOTCOM/ROCKINGUITARLESSONS1…WEBSITE ROCKINGUITARLESSONSDOTCOM

GUITAR LESSON – fast ALTERNATE PICKING across the strings /exercise with notation and TAB)

guitar etude /lesson/ with notation and TAB for fast alternate picking /up and down/ cross the strings, for electric and acoustic guitar. My classical idea in G. 🙂 guitar player – Peter Luha guitar – Framus Tennessee Custom more guitar instrumental videos & lessons…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5