Sing along guitar, very easy guitar app for iPhone/iPod touch

You can download this app at: or search “Sing along guitar” at App Store!
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Impress your friends and woo the ladies! Learn how to pretend to play the guitar by learning the only four chords that really matter! Check out my supplimentary videos for examples of songs that use the same chords in the same order: 4 Chords, 19 Songs – 4 Chords, 21 Songs – 4 Chords, 22 Songs – 4 Chords, 28 Songs – Strumming Patterns – 4 Chords Piano Lesson – ———————————————————————- Email me! – Follow me on Twitter! – Check out my rap group! – guitar lesson four chords chord 36 songs axis awesome learn tutorial norwegian recycling easy simple funny cover she will be loved maroon james blunt you’re beautiful five for fighting superman jason mraz i’m yours alicia keys no one fort minor where’d you go black eyed peas where love rex hermogino internet mika happy ending beatles let beginner RHCP under bridge michael jackson man mirror a-ha take on me whatever like ti outlandish aicha save tonight were boy beyonce apologize riptard
Video Rating: 4 / 5