Aled Lloyd – Districts ‘Untouchable’ Playthrough/Interpretation

The second track in the series of Districts playthroughs from the band’s debut ep which was released around a year before I joined in early 2012. I’ve added some detail here and there from the original drum part. Probably the toughest challenge in executing this track live is the multiple tempo changes that occur with either little or no time to feel the new pulse. Nevertheless, this tune is great fun to play! Tempos 0.00-0.17 = 150bpm 0.18-0.31 = 140bpm 0.32-1.56 = 160bpm 1.57-2.08 = 220bpm 2.09-3.04 = 170bpm Notable changes/addition include; 0.09-0.11 and 0.14-17 – kick and tom combo adds ‘intensity’ to the opening section. 0.19-0-25 – snare hits moved from offbeat to emphasise guitar riff and vocal 0.26-029 – 3/16 cymbal accents to emphasise guitars/vocal. Added ghost notes for flow. 0.59-1.22 – Added ghost notes and toms to give this section more groove/fill in the gaps in the guitar riff. 1.38-1.42 – 5/8 metric modulation Full drum kit transcription to follow Twitter @AledDrums Districts – Recorded and Mixed by my pal Wlll Barnes from Old Chapel Studios