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About Cool Guitars

About Cool Guitars



Hi there to all you pickers! Welcome to where we will gather as much info, resources and have a chat about our much loved art of guitar playing… or maybe noisemaking…
The site was set up by a long time player who was looking for simple advice/lessons on playing, guitars, gear, etc … not technical details on how to build me a nuclear powered Just plain old guitar talk!

My students have been asking me many questions over the years and they kept asking for a site to go too where they could just get on and get an easy answer without being made to look foolish.


So here it is…send in your questions, ask em even if they seem ridiculous and I’ll try my best… while I don’t know everything – and if a guitarist tells you he knows every scale, etc on the board, they’re lying!- I will try to direct you to an answer you can understand. So if your finished with Guitar Hero and would like Guitar Lessons… look around on the site! Cheers… P.S. check out our resources there’s even a tuner for when you cant find yours!




Guitar Playing Made Easy

Blues Guitar Fingerpickin The Falcon in E

Just a bit of blues finger picking on the Gretsch White Falcon unplugged

Blues Guitar On The White Falcon Steel Pick

Just a little noodling with the steel pick on the Gretsch White Falcon unplugged

D chord riff

A chord riff in D. Simple sound but hard to pick properly..

if i get enuff likes i will put up the tabs or msge me here.

A Blues Riff

A simple Blues Riff using blues boxes

if i get enuff likes i will put up the tabs or msge me here.

Crossroads Riff in G

The old crossroads guitar riff in G … the Eric Clapton version
if i get enuff likes i will put up the tabs or msge me here.


QR8 Sweep Diminished Chord Riff

Advanced fast sweep picking riff with simple D5 maj power chord…

QR7 Chord Riff

A “quick riffs” with chords and the blues box..easy…

QR6 Three Favourite Riffs

My favourite 3 riffs of all time…