“LONELY” – 2NE1 (guitar tabs)

I am not a performer so obvious slip ups every now and then. The video’s there to help those who need a more hands-on/visual approach. Otherwise here are the tabs: tabs.ultimate-guitar.com Really fun to play, great song. The original’s played without capo but my fingers are far too weak to do that so for anyone in the same boat as me, here you go. The fingerpicking is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Practice. It’s essentially the same as the picking in “Dust in the Wind.” Picking tutorial for Dust in the Wind: www.youtube.com Picking tutorial/supplement for Lonely: www.youtube.com Standard tuning Capo 4 Chords used: C (x32010), E (022100) or E7 (020100), Am (x02210), G (3200(3)3), G# (466xxx) and A# (688xxx or x1333x) Verse: C E7 Am G x3 C E7 Am G# A# Chorus: C E7 Am G If you’re looking to play the song without capo (or on piano or whatever), here are the proper names of the chords and chord progression (courtesy of GreatjayQ): EG# C#m B EG# C#m B EG# C#m B EG# C#m CD Since I’ve been asked about the strumming pattern: My strumming is a bit different. I full on slap the guitar whereas the original is more subtly muted? If you listen to the original, it goes something like: d(hold) d(light´╗┐ palm mute at the end of that strum) then uudududu until the end of the measure. Mine goes: ddux du udududu (hopefully I counted all the ups and downs) Camera: Canon 500D with a 50mm f1.4 lens Guitar: Ibanez AEG8E Capo: I don’t fucking know. It’s 5+ years old and pink. :3 And