With  the local government bullying everyone into p.c mode  here in Sydney, the local live music scene has been devastated to say the least. Big clubs and pubs seem to think that poker machines and keeping people attached to them like life support while our local scene dies is their best way to keep the sheep pumping $$$ their way and letting the local music or arts scene for that matter just die…

So i guess its time to stand up n support our local artists any way we can …

On this page we will start promoting local acts of any kind. Bands , solo artists any kind of music but it has to have a live version , i.e you have to be gigging somewhere in the Sydney are and north n south of it…even Woolongong will get ya in… but its gotta be real music not just DJing or playing cds to a dead mob!
Our first contenders have carved a bit of a wreck wherever they a good way … so here they are n show em sum love n go see em asap — Second Nation 

Where n when:
To be annoumced

A little about the band…2nd NAtion

From an inner west garage of Sydney, Second Nation originally came about in late 2008. Bridging the invisible barriers between Australian rock, modern Rock and Punk, the bands raw sound gives a respectful nod to the great legacy of bands such as Rose Tattoo, Beasts Of Bourbon & The Living End to contemporary bands like Foo Fighters, The Bronx & Green Day. Although at the end of the day the band considers itself simply Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Second Nation was initially formed by vocalist Greasy Belcher, writer for fanzine ‘Unbelievably Bad’ only to make the unbelievably bad decision and quit after their debut gig! Leaving the band with a decision, to disband or carry on? After long months of fruitless auditions searching for a new frontman, a light came on and vocal duties were taken over by Marco and Rob. After this early setback the band has stuck it out and come through stronger and better than ever.
With the release of the ‘Delinquent’ E.P. and accompanying video for ‘Breathe Easy’ available through CD Baby and download via iTunes, access to the band’s music has never been easier. After highly successful gigs at The Lair, The Annandale, The Lansdowne with Weapon Head, My Name For Your Name, The Licks, Indigo Rising the band is anxious to hit the road again to promote the ‘Delinquent’ E.P. release.

With a launch night booked for Sydney in early July and a major city tour in the works, all is imminent for Second Nation to bring their road seasoned blend of back-to-basics songs and crowd-pleasing melodies to the notice of the public at large.