Top Ten Easiest Guitar Riffs 8/10 – Come As You Are (Nirvana) for FREE download – ‘The Secret To The World’s Greatest Riffs Come As You Are (Nirvana) Easy Beginner Guitar This i…

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Easiest Guitar Riffs 8/10 – Come As You Are (Nirvana)

  1. I got done by the taxman for making millions on my youtube videos. Had to hang out with wesley snipes for a couple of years..

  2. What happened? How come you made 7/10 – disappeared for a year then made 2 videos in the space of a week lol?

  3. I’ve got no idea. I only just found out about the interview a few days ago and seeing as I don’t know any full songs, I’ll just have to play a few riffs that I know, the blues scale, a few chords and I’ll probably crack out the drumsticks and do a couple of basic drum beats to show them that I’ve been trying to learn both. Doesn’t sound very optimistic does it? Not to be melodramatic or nothing but I’m probably screwed.

  4. Don’t worry – just complicated names for easy things once you know how. What piece are you doing?

  5. Seeing as it is only the most basic course, there are no “formal requirements” however they do want you to prepare a 5 minute piece so that they can gauge your current skill level and see whether or not you have any potential. Truth be told I still don’t know what “arpeggios” are but seeing as this is my first forray into anything musical output in my life, AND I’ve been teaching myself both the drums and guitar since February, I’m hoping that they’ll see I’m enthusiastic.

  6. good luck with that. just make sure you can do all the requirements for the audition. too many turn up without even having learnt half the stuff. the scales, arpeggios etc should be the easy part.

  7. Hey ,you look really great with the new haircut ,i dont know if you read my message on the subscribers message ,but you really meant alot.Thanks for reapering ,and wanted to tell you songs from the howling sea is great.

  8. Christ almighty, you look about 10 years younger with a haircut! Anyway, yeah – Come As You Are was the first riff I learnt on guitar (back in, err, February actually). Still learning; can’t do any full songs yet but I know tonnes of riffs, blues scale and a few chords. I’ve got an interview/audition for a basic music course at Perth College this coming Friday. It’s only a basic course to see whether or not you want to do a more advanced music course after a year. I sure as hell hope I get in!

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