Top 15 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Guitar Solos + Riffs – Part 1

I play 15 of my favorite Classic Metal Solos what I could put up to 15 minutes 🙂 You can watch my second part video: “Top Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Guitar Sol…

24 thoughts on “Top 15 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Guitar Solos + Riffs – Part 1

  1. Rock / Metal Guitar solos are DEFINETLEY the Highest Virtually Point in Music Evolutionary Process
    Jimmy Page , Eddie Van Halen , Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton , Richie Blackmore , Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett (Creeping death solo = ABSOLUTE METAL EARGASM)
    Rhandy Rhoades etc etc etc
    Electric Guitar on this Level is the BEST in Music and together with a PHAT drum and Bass Line …What else could make us so WILD !!!! YEAHHH KILLL !!!!

  2. Fantastic job! For me the best is Child in Time (I,m absolutely a Blackmore fan) but was a very fine surprise Floyd’s Time solo after it. Accidently came in very handy coz Roger Waters made a concert here (in Budapest) 4 days ago and the Time solo came into my mind as one of the best Pink Floyd moments.
    Thank for all! Have a funshiny (every)day and JOY always to play!
    HQ rock forever, Blackmore foreverest!:)

  3. Id only imagine people would dislike because he doesnt show the song name before he plays, then again, i suppose you arent a true rock fan if you dont know any of these already.

  4. Dude, you rock! You need to get a band and write your own stuff. You are seriously skilled.

  5. it may vary if you are a wise and hardworking chap, you could or may do it in approximately and indubitably one year or so

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