1. And i finally founded someone who thinks like me maybe stairway to heaven is good but we say that smole on the water is better and that black sabbath is so great that it needs to have two songs in the top 10

  2. Son of bitches this guy gave his opinion and i dont agree at all but is his opinion we must respect it you dont think so make your own video

  3. i totally agree with your list except the first and the second iron man is first smoke on the water second:)

  4. Very cool! I like your list. I just posted a 200 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs of me playing them all on guitar without any backing tracks. Let me know if you like my list of 200 Riffs?

  5. these are all awesome riffs!…some that i would personally add though:
    hot for techer-van halen
    pretty noose-soundgarden
    in bloom-nirvana
    la grange- zz top
    even flow- pearl jam
    paradise city-guns n’ roses
    and even though this is a relatively new song the riff is awesome:
    face to the floor-chevelle

  6. You didn’t put The Rover in here? Man I just watched the entire list to see where it went… Nice vid though

  7. love the top 18, but where the hell is “stairway to heaven”, not even in your top 100, are you high, it’s at least a top 5 riff and you missed it, for shame

  8. I like it, and I appreciate the video. However I would have liked to see in the top 50: The Who – Most of their songs are contenders, I think at least one should have cracked number 20; And also Queen – Again, many possibilities, but personally I am partial to Bohemian Rhapsody, especially at about 4:10. Again, not trying to be a dick insulting the effort you put in, just voicing my opinions and offering suggestions.

  9. You were obviously born in the 70’s because most of your riffs are from the 80’s and 90’s.

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