Top 10 Led Zeppelin Riffs

It’s so hard to rank anything by Led Zeppelin so a few of these can be swapped around. Comments will be appreciated, as long as they’re not harsh!

My acoustic guitar riff recorded with Taylor DN3 acoustic guitar. More sounds at:

50 thoughts on “Top 10 Led Zeppelin Riffs

  1. Ok but, I am gonna call, Dyer Maker and the hey hey what can I do, not sure of exact titles of songs but decent list hard to pick just ten

  2. Also, bron yr aur, the instrumental deserves to be on the list. Even though it isn’t the prototypical riff, it is imop the most beautiful melody in the entire world. Only page could write something so good and so amazing. Ashame only hardcore zep fans seem to know of it… That instrumental showcased page’s range and versatilty as a composer.

  3. Jpj did not come up with Kashmir. He came up with alot, but kashmir was page and bonzo and of course plant. He added alot to the song however without writing it.

  4. Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Immigrant Song, Rock And Roll, Over The Hills And Far Away, Trampled Underfoot, For Your Life, In The Evening… It’s impossible to make a list the covers everyones favo rifffs, Wearing And Tearing <-- My personal favourite

  5. In my time of dying? Immigrant song? Communication breakdown? The rover? Better do the top 50 riffs!

  6. Good Ranking but where is Communication Breakdown, How many more times, The Rover , No quarter, Living loving maid…?

  7. This is exact chain I used: Guitar (Taylor DN3) > microphone (Rode NT1A) > external sound card (Digidesign Mbox2) > Logic Pro.

  8. I like it. Didn’t make any set up changes actually. Feels great with arpeggios and finger style.

  9. thank u, I appreciate it. Yeah, I love my taylor dn3, it’s just simple dreadnought with a great sound.

  10. This guitar it’s one of the best mid range priced acoustic guitars you’ll find there. It’s very comfortable, real wood, great sounding acoustic. You may also want to check DN4 series.

  11. Great sounding Guitar.
    I’m currently looking for a guitare that is good for strumming and picking.
    Do you think this guitar is good for the job ?



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