The 25 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time

READ INFO: The Top 25 Guitar Riffs of All Time. Please post only constructive comments on what should have been on the list, what should have been higher up, or how much you like the list. Do not criticize bands, and do not spar with people over musical preference/taste. Music is music,…
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25 thoughts on “The 25 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time

  1. chuck doud – Syphon Filter 2(psx) Mission 19 and 20 – slums district danger theme 1.09 – 1.36 shouldve been on here

  2. Paradise city buy guns n roses should have been on. And sweet child o mine should have been first instead of that ozzy Osborne shit.
    In case you can’t tell Im a GnR fanboy lol :)

  3. Listen to Knife Edge, ELP, it was the flip side from lucky man…. what a rif. Always us it to motivate myself when I want to ride hard on the bike. Try it 🙂

  4. @Larcth pfff, get the fuck outta here kid, teen spirit is a stupid song made for teenyboppin schoolkids like yourself, go listen to somemoe nirvana “greatest hits” and act like you know stuff

  5. ok so i have to say this in a nice way, but WTF…….these “riffs” suck! how they hell are you going to make a list of riffs and not put anything by dimebag??!!

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