23 thoughts on “Ramones guitar riffs

  1. Looking for a used mint one in gold? Have it up on Ebay! Pickups swapped to a Dimarzio FS-1 and Seymour Duncan SM-1 (a la Johnny Ramone)!

  2. I just bought one. Stock single coil in the bridge is NOISEY. I installed a Dimarzio FS-1 and it is much quieter…. Still a bit of single coil hum, but not annoying. Sounds great. I picked mine up used for $400 in mint condition with case on craigslist… add another $50 and you are GOLDEN! I am no electrician, but I was able to change the pickup easily with a soldering iron and some scredrivers…

  3. Sounds good and everything, but you’re doing it wrong. Traditional Ramones guitar style involves only downstrokes.

  4. I heard hallmark guitars made making Johnny’s blue mosrite and White. By the pics you can’t tell thee difference between the real or fake!!!!!!!

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