Original Guitar Riff

Well, this one was fun to make. First off, anybody can record with this type of quality if they have Audacity (a free recording software off of the internet….

In this week’s guitar lesson, Hatch teaches us how to play the guitar for Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)”. Hope you enjoy it! Tell us …
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32 thoughts on “Original Guitar Riff

  1. Hey man, that was bad ass, try running a chord from your amp’s headphone Jack to your Mic input, and record that way, it turns out a lot cleaner, someone who plays like you should record directly to the computer, you sound bad ass, but it will give it that pro studio sound. Keep playin.

  2. idk if it would work for you if you haven’t already found something but i have recorded with a guitar hero usb mic and actually works pretty well however none of my vids on my channel as of now have been recorded using the mic but if ya got an extra lying around give it a shot

  3. hey nice playing out there, i got question for you though, how can you record and hear it at the same time?… i mean, my guitar is plugged into my amp and my amp is plugged into my pc, i can’t hear the sound from my amp because the output is directed to the computer, and the results of my recording is totally disgusting, i hope you can help me

  4. If you want a mic to play live, I do not know what would be the best mic for that situation or how much it would cost. If you want a mic just to record to your computer, I’m pretty sure just about any USB mic would work. The only thing is if you’re going to record your whole band then you might need to pick up a mic for every player. But to be honest, I really have no idea. Good luck though.

  5. i needed some help abt MIcs and was wondering if i should buy a USB mic, or a mic like a sm58, my budget is around 200$ and i play for a death metal band, i used to record using my gt-10 and it was quite decent but was really fuzzy the second i turned up the gain, i have a combo peavy 5150 and needed to know what mic would be better for my kinda music, and if any1 knows any good mics in that range can u pls lemme know, thank you

  6. I don’t know if they are sold anymore, since I bought mine over 2 years ago. They might though…

  7. Are those guitars on produce any more? I think bc rich produce ounly Warlocks war beasts and anvangeds.

  8. man dude you should buy yourself some leather pants and start a band!!! total awesomeness!! Thumbs up!!

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