Neo-Classical Metal Guitar Lesson Riff A neo classical guitar lesson riff similar to something Yngwie Malmsteen would play! All notes are played in groups of three and …

25 thoughts on “Neo-Classical Metal Guitar Lesson Riff

  1. you really are a guitar teacher!!!! omg,, I feel sorry for the students… man everyone is a teacher now days,, huh!!!

  2. You’re great XD subscribed. I already know how to do this one. I found this while looking for new things, lol.

  3. It’s a great riff, don’t get me wrong. But it just sounds like something that would be played by that one kid who goes into guitar center and turns the amp volume and gain ALL THE WAY UP just to play this one lick over and over

  4. Dude thanks for actually teaching step by step instead of jumping right thru the whole thing

  5. I think you are an excellent guitarist, however I dont like the look of your guitar. If I could play the guitar like you I would go shopping for a les paul gibson goldtop.

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