My guitar Riff

I really did this all by my self but I need help on it cuz i don’t know if it sounds good or not so I’ll let u guys lol and girls to be the judge of it and s…
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Free MP3 drums like I use at: Become a Nail Guitar VIP for secret tips and tricks l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “My guitar Riff

  1. Calvin you know If I could come down I’d play bass for you. I MISS YOU BROSKI!!!!!!!
    From your favorite white little brother ever, Dylan.

  2. Hey… it would be great to have the main riff of crazy train:-)
    Thanks from France and many congratulations for your stuff:-)

  3. You have a good channel, come at my canal you look my video if to be pleasant subscribe for my canal.

  4. Hey dudes, I basically want to learn how to play the electric guitar without learning how to play any guitars or having any experience with them. I’ve been told that it is best if you start learning how to play the acoustic guitar before, so the question is, do you think I will be able to learn the electric guitar without any problems and do you think it is wise? Plz reply someone!!

  5. that part on the low E string… i saw malcom playing it like this:
    2A, 4E, 2A, 5E, 2A, 6E, 2A, 7E.
    i’m not sure, correct me if i’m wrong, but yeah:D
    +your version is good too:D

  6. i agree with CruelGamingVids please do paradise city video and also your videos got me into playing guitar so thanks

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