Metal Guitar Riffs Lesson – Guest Tutorial ‘Momentum’ by Sam Locke Click for cool guitar freebies! While your there become a Nail Guitar VIP fo…
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These are the Top 10 Guitar Riffs of the 1970’s according to 15 votes on I had a video of the top 10 music videos of the 90’s that kept g…
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21 thoughts on “Metal Guitar Riffs Lesson – Guest Tutorial ‘Momentum’ by Sam Locke

  1. Iconoclast, paradise lost, domination and pretty much all the other songs they have made is awesome xD But when it comes to punk the most of the bands you mentioned isnt really punk (; try Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The misfits and stuff like that 😀

  2. its Steven Wilson….d guys a GOD…..b neva heard Symphony X… i luv punk too…i mean Kasabian…Sum41…Good Chorlette….Trapt…n many more..n dude recommend me sum good Symphony X songs…..

  3. Im also listen to a lot of progressive rock and metal and in genral. progressive i mainly listen to dream theater, steven willson, pink floyd, symphony x and tool but i still listen to many other bands and a lot of diffrent genres

  4. yup i know but i dont like it that much u know…….i used to listen to country music when i was 12…….and i love BLues as i started playin blues in my beginnin guitarin years…so love it….as fuh Jazz i find it borin and i can sleep to it……punk is also gr8… u reminded me of my younger years……..n i hav moved on from metal to Progressive rock and metal……Porcupine tree…King Crimson….Blackfield….No Man…..Tool….Opeth….and PINK FLOYD….

  5. Guitars is used in a lot of diffrent styles dude… ALSO in pop… you know there is other things in the world than justin bieber and metal? ever heard of country? Blues? Funk? punk? Jazz? just to name a few of the MANY genres who uses guitar and it still sounds good

  6. if der wasnt for metal i dont noe wat dey wd do wd a guitar….play guitar songs lik bieber????

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