24 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – Black Dog – How to Play on Guitar – Main Riff – Guitar Lesson

  1. I had a bass teacher tell me that if I could master this riff, than I can play anything… I can see that he is crazy as it’s not that difficult of a rif when practiced — especially on bass when we’re playing just the notes and no chords

  2. The more Led Zeppelin you teach. The better. You’re tutorials are the only ones worth watching. You should teach The Rover by them!

  3. hey marty i’m a huge fan of yours and I noticed something that could make the riff a little easier to play repeatedly.
    instead of the open “A” power chord, play a power chord on the 5th fret of the E string, which is the same note and then your ring finger is on the 7th fret of the A string, so you can start the riff over again almost instantly

  4. i kinda figured it out: at first the g-string: –11—14-14~—11–9–11—14 now the b-string: –13– the g-string again: –14– the b-string again: –15bend it up to 17 and down again –13–10—13-13—10

    i hope that helped 🙂

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