Lead Guitar – Using Rock Guitar Licks

www.metalmethod.com This video explains how to use licks to improvise lead guitar solos. Instructor Doug Marks gives a few tips for improvising lead guitar using this program. Classic Metal Licks is available from www.MetalMethod.com
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FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More jazz guitar lessons: bit.ly In this ii-V7 lick we start with a nice melodic statement using an interval jump. Then we follow it up with a scalar pattern that leads into an arpeggio. So, we are utilizing the different techniques we have been learning in other licks. This is a good lick to learn in different keys and positions. It may take a little practice with the slow rhythm track to get this lick under your fingers. The fast tempo is a realistically bright tempo that jazzers play so take the time practice slowly building the speed of your eighth note lines.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Lead Guitar – Using Rock Guitar Licks

  1. Thanks Doug, I really enjoyed this lesson and i want more!!! What amp are you jamming through on this video, I have many amps, my new favorite, a line6 IV 75 watt, was never a big line 6 fan, but this amp is perfect for jamming at home.

  2. @dmarks1 Thanks Doug, really enjoyed this lesson and I want more!!! what amp are you playing through in this video?

  3. @dmarks1 Thanks Doug, really enjoyed this lesson and I want more!!! what amp are you playing through in this video?

  4. @dmarks1 Hey Doug Thanks for the reply, on this particular video lesson, which video set can i order that has all of these lessons on it? Thanks

  5. @chickabuka Carvin’s play great and can be set up with very low string action without buzzing. I have Jacksons, Gibsons, and many other guitars but I choose to play the Carvin because it sounds great and is very comfortable to play. I like low string action too.

  6. Nice lesson, yep i do remember you all metal’d out in the 80’s adds, just curious, the carvin looks like it plays really nice, can carvins get really low string action without buzz???dont know if i should buy a carvin or an EVH special. Thanks

  7. @nata72 Yes, “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” was one of my finer moments. I might have matched it recently with a newsletter that I sent out. The subject said, “Your house is on fire.” I figured that would get people to take a look at the newsletter.

  8. Still have the VHS tapes and booklets with the freehand art work…..:) I remember the old Guitar World ads where Doug does a Q&A, where he states that NO he doesn’t have hair extensions and dont hate him because he’s beautiful… I thought it was hilarious!!!

  9. Bought the complete course on VHS in the late 80’s… I have been playing on and off professionally since the early 90’s and still actively teaching and giving lessons. All due to falling in love with 80’s metal / 70’s Rock, classical music, and buying these lessons… Thanks Doug!

  10. @GuitarGigGuys It’s a Carvin. I forget the exact model number but you can find it in their online catalog. It’s a great guitar.

  11. Just ordered the complete basic course + classic metal licks a few moments ago. Can’t wait to get started!

  12. @c4cereal : No, you don’t need to know theory. Theory is taught in The Complete Basic Course. Of course I think the Guitar World special is a great deal – 12 DVDs for only $149.95. Post questions about the course on our Forum at bb-metalmethod com. Ask people that are currently using the lessons what they think. That’s more important than my opinion.

  13. I was thinking on Buying the guitar world special package which includes the complete basic course and the speed kills. Is it really worth it? Do i need to know some theory?

  14. @guitarslim56 for clarity: your approach TOTALLY can be Cm.  That would even make it cool – especially with that natural 6 in the F7 chord, but TECHNICALLY, it’s a Bb lick…

  15. @berrypossum dude, screw them.. play away. If you make this lick feel tight in the middle of your solo and someone calls you out on it because you quoted it from here, it’s their problem. Truth be told, jazz players can be dicks and if they would get you on that, chances are they got you on something else long before you did it. lol

  16. @guitarslim56 hehe
    Let me start by saying if you sound good, then who cares? BUT, i have to get you here: Why think Bb? Besides the fact that it’s even stated in the video title to be a ii-V progression, every note is in the key of Bb; it just doesn’t resolve for the sake of the exercise…

    and you’re a jazzer, right? How many figures have you played that don’t resolve to the I? That’s all over the jazz idiom; it doesn’t change the diatonic key, though. This is 100% in the key of Bb.

  17. @somebodyjones2 Nah, Cm is the tonic. Why think “Bb” when the music never goes to Bb? Just think C minor.

  18. Yeah, but I can never play ’em on stage, ’cause everyone will go, “Hey, I saw that shit on Youtube, you suck”.

  19. Dude this guy did a video lesson series called Inversion Excursion. I didn’t realize this guy made this vid, I’m glad I clicked on it. This guy is so sick! And he’s a fantastic teacher with wonderful and useful ideas.

  20. @ThePaligulus I have a Hag Viking…that guitar is one of those custom D’Aquisto axes from NYC, super high quality & pricey as all getup.

  21. @somebodyjones2 Aah, thank you..I’m learning theory and you can’t imagine how many times I’ve watched this after the “It’s in C” comment. Haha, thanks.

  22. @00TheGuitarMan00 Bb. C is the ii chord. It never gets to the tonic, but it’s a ii-V progression in Bb.

  23. @Swearingisgood yes, it’s in Bb. C is the ii. I don’t know what that other guy is thinking.

  24. @lektrikbass there will never be a time when no guitar players are available… we grow on trees. (unless you mean “guitar players who can read music” … THEN you might get some gigs. lol)

  25. I try to play and work with your amazing guitar CD`s. Every day one or two hours. It ist a speed for me, because your cours ist very professionel and honest!! Thanks. And all the best.


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