Klavier Gavin’s Air Guitar Riff

Heh, I KNOW this is really more of a SOUND EFFECT than a SONG, but hey, it’s somewhat musical isn’t it? We shouldn’t leave the uber air guitar out just because it’s short! (Heh. 5 seconds long. Talk about a record for my shortest video EVER.) It’s still awesome! xD Off topic: Isn’t Klavier’s air guitar skill AMAZING? I mean, seriously, he’s so good, he can make music come out of thin air! =o
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Klavier Gavin’s Air Guitar Riff

  1. My 3 reasons for this guy being my second favorite prosecutor:
    -He speaks German (sort of)
    -He actually gives a shit about the truth
    -and THIS.

  2. I sometimes wonder how much time the sprite artists took to make this amazing sequence…

    what a pain in the ass

  3. When I presented wrong evidence, Klavier did this. I was like “Oooh!” But when it finished, and I lost health, I thought: “You son of a–“

  4. Hold up HE’S a prosecutor D:
    Man here I thought he was that tutorial guy you trample on D:< Jk,He's just SO wimpy you could tell him he had cereal for breakfast instead of toast XD

  5. He’s a pretty badass character, but he seems lacking as a prosector. He didn’t have that bloodlust like Edgeworth, Manfred, Franziska, or Godot.

  6. <3 Klavier. <3
    Beings he's German AND a rockstar?
    Geez. If he were real and I were single... xDD

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