Jay plays some Eddie Van Halen guitar riff’s

Well, I’ll play some of EVH’s fameous riff’s & licks during 3 minutes, and does some other tapping licks…just for fun and maybe for some “show off” reason …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Jay plays some Eddie Van Halen guitar riff’s

  1. nice. id say you should work on your wammy bar thing at the begining. no offense but that could make a maggot puke. the rest rocks though

  2. actualy it sounds like Feel Your Love Tonight, but hey… lol Cheers. sounds good. a little fast, but “tight”.

  3. I mainly use the pentatonic scale, and all “boxes” (natural scales) before and after this scale. I also do not “think in scales”, just using my fingers & playing what my heart & ears feels and hears – improvising…

  4. whats are the scales used For improvising?
    let me know more for SOUNDING & IMPROVISING LIKE ED

  5. Aint talkin bout love is the name of the song. I know, because I played that for my old school’s talent show.

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