How to Write a Rock Song : How to Write a Guitar Riff for a Rock Song

Learn how to write a catchy guitar riff or solo for your rock song in this free music video on how to write on a rock song. Expert: cckimmel Contact: www.mys…
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All opening guitar riffs from Nirvana’s Nevermind album. Guitar Tabs can be found at: …

40 thoughts on “How to Write a Rock Song : How to Write a Guitar Riff for a Rock Song

  1. good technique for that stutter/stammer you’ve got is to take quick but deep breaths when you stumble on you’re words when you’re speaking it really works cuz i have a stutter aswell good vid btw

  2. I disagree. There are tons of different ways to approach the task of writing a song. Often, I like to jam with some friends and come up with riffs to go over the chord progressions. It enables me to better reproduce the melodies in my head.

  3. I totally agree m/ and I would add one thing that is the ability to turn simple ideas into great riffs

  4. He looks like he’s about to start crying. I think there’s some terrorists pointing guns at him forcing him to make the video.

  5. ya but its soft rock… i was talking like asking alexandria, a day to remember, parkway drive… stuff like that

  6. a tele and an acoustic while talking about rock music??? hmmm… i seem to remember a les paul, a shecter, or maybe an esp being better for rock… but you know, thats just my opinion… i’m no expert like the fucktards from expertvilliage

  7. @DeizelMassacre oops, i totally forgot i wrote that cuz after the video it actually helped me and i commented again :p my bad

  8. Thank you very much! The tab link is in the about section under the video. You can find the best tabs at Ultimate-Guitar.

  9. Thanks for watching. I dialed in the tones pretty quickly so some are pretty spot on and others could have been better if I took more time to adjust the amp.

  10. This is good, but in some song you miss some tones…All in all… good job…greetings from Bosnia 🙂

  11. yeah i did lithium but accidentally edited it out. i’m too lazy to edit it again so use your imagination

  12. you’re getting some really good sounds from that amp. come as you are was spot on. you missed lithium btw

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