How to play lead guitar Chuck Berry inspired Blues Licks Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

33 thoughts on “How to play lead guitar Chuck Berry inspired Blues Licks

  1. This is really interresting. If I ever learn to play guitar, I’ll be sure to have a deeper look at this guy’s site.

  2. u r great man… i watch all ur vids and they teach more than i get in a $15 30min lesson… keep postin em!!!

  3. hi thank u all so much. now playing for fun.thanks. send the backing tracks s a p please. “rock on”

  4. ok … i’m getting a wierd back to the future feeling here … first off , his name is martie … and also hes playing the song thats in the movie .. how cool lol

  5. Thanks Marty, just tried it out, sounds cool! Will be really trick when I get it up to speed. Can you post the chords for the backing track please. Nice hat Man!!

  6. wow finally some one who knows how to make a tutorial guitar vid thanks and the hat for me too is a plussssssssssss…

  7. Some cool licks there! Another goody is the very beginning of Johnny B. Goode – sliding a double stop on the 4th frets of the B and E strings up to the fifth fret. Classic!

  8. Yeah they are in A major, but in this context it forms A dorian, not A major, as he started on C, which is a minor third above the root. A major works as well of course – that’s the beauty of the blues!

  9. 友だちになってください!!!

  10. さん
    音の関しては、POD HD300 で音は作ってます
    今月ヘッドアンプの6505 PLUS (PEAVEY)を買ったのでREC環境が整ったらこいつでも動­画投稿しようと思ってます

  11. 上手ですね!!(^^ゞ


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