How to Play Guitar – Riffs 101 Lesson #16: Rolling Stones Under My Thumb

Riffs 101 with Dean & Hatch In this week’s guitar lesson, Jeff Neill from Streetheart teaches us how to play the guitar riff for The Rolling Stones tune “Und…

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19 thoughts on “How to Play Guitar – Riffs 101 Lesson #16: Rolling Stones Under My Thumb

  1. As far as “lessons” go, this was truly sub-par. But I do like the sound Jeff is putting down on this old classic. His chording alterations could have been better explained, and it would be great if musicians would explain what effects and settings they are using to get their tone. THAT would be teaching as defined in a “lesson”.

  2. As covered by Streetheart as far back as 1981. You should look it up on here, they did a really good cover of it, and I say that as an old Stones fan who doesn’t appreciate knock-offs who don’t stick to the original version. The one they do really does rock.

  3. well played but….why the use of this so called “minor pentatonic blues scale?’
    they are two distinct entitys. Minor pentatonic and blues scale- similiar of course but oh so different.

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