How to Make Up Riffs and Songs Using GarageBand (Guitar Lesson / Song Writing Tutorial)

GarageBand is an amazingly simple and powerful program. If you learn to use the looper feature, it’s really fun and easy to come up with riffs and songs. In this vid, I make up a basic idea for a song. I had no idea what I was going to play, so this is just how I do it. The song idea sort of turned out sounding a bit like something by The Smiths. This is just an initial idea, I would then build on. This process is also a lot faster when you’re not thinking or explaining and get into a flow:) Lessons covers: – Choosing a rhythm track – Setting up the LOOPER – Choosing Effects – Tweaking Effects – Using the Monitor – Laying down basic rhythm track – Coming up with first riff – Trimming / Slicing tracks – Layering tracks – Leaving space for additional parts – Adding a bass part – Lowering the pitch for a “fake” bass part – Sharing / Exporting to iTunes If anyone has any questions about this lesson or wants to see more demonstrations of how to make up riffs using GarageBand, just let me know! I make up songs all the time using this sort of strategy and it’s very productive and fun:)
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5 thoughts on “How to Make Up Riffs and Songs Using GarageBand (Guitar Lesson / Song Writing Tutorial)

  1. ya im gonna try to get a job during school, like work at a grocery store and stuff like that but i actaully worked with my big bro (for one day) this summer burring cables for charter, it sucked to say the least but thats how i got my 2 electric guitar so it was worth it haha

  2. thanks for the compliment:) i live in san diego, california … if you can save up for a computer, it would be totally worth it, i’d say almost more than getting a good amp or guitar, because recording is so fun and worthwhile

  3. no, i dont even have a computer but i wish i did, you seem like a really cool guitar teacher and ur actually my fav on youtube btw what state do u live in?

  4. i tried to start a band a few times, but it never worked out … but i’ve always written a lot of songs on my own or with others and would still like to play in a band at some point … glad you liked this lesson and the song idea:) do you have garageband?

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